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Speedway track

With the start of construction of the speedway track in 1957, a new highlight in terms of motorsport was created in Stralsund. The track length is 385 meters, the width 11 meters on the straights and 15 meters in the curves. The track surface consists of rock powder and coal slag.

In 1958, Macie Janowski (Poland) achieved a top speed of 82.806 km / h (mean: 64.5 km / h) and thus awarded our track the title of “Europe's fastest speedway track”.

Spectator seats

The stadium offers our spectators 16,000 seats, of which 3,000 are seats.

On July 21, 1958, for the international Baltic Cup in the Speedway, 27,000 spectators were counted.
A record that continues to this day.

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